Who We Are and What We Do

The Society of the Sacred Mission (SSM) is an Anglican Religious Order founded by Fr Herbert Kelly in 1893, and perhaps best known in connection with Kelham Theological College (1903-1972). Since its inception, its aims have been ‘to increase the number of those who give their lives to the Divine Service’, ‘to labour for the conversion and perfection of souls’, and ‘to have regard for the cultivation of Divine Science’.

Today the operations of SSM are centred at St Antony’s Priory, Durham, which offers spiritual accompaniment and training for spiritual directors, hospitality for groups and individuals, and a varying programme of other activities.

There is a full timetable of weekday and Sunday services in the chapel (which members of the public are also very welcome to attend). Our worship is in the catholic tradition of the Church of England, and includes significant periods of silent prayer.

Overnight accommodation is available in the Cottage guesthouse, which has four self-catering rooms available for people wishing to spend a few days on retreat.

In an exciting new development, we are presently working to establish an Institute for Anglican Religious Life. This will become a resource hub for religious communities, researchers, and those interested in deepening their own spiritual life by drawing on the wisdom of the religious life.

Spiritual Direction and training • Retreat accommodation • Quiet Days for groups and individuals •  Meeting rooms • Timetable of regular worship in the Chapel

Theological Library and Study Centre • Research hub for archives of Anglican religious communities •  Seminars and speaker events • A School for the Lord’s Service

Website devoted to the work and legacy of Fr Herbert Kelly SSM • Writings and publications • Essays and articles to download • Access to resources