The Society of the Sacred Mission is an Anglican Religious order, originally founded by Fr Herbert Kelley in 1893. It currently has three provinces based in the UK, Australia and Lesotho, Southern Africa.


The motto of the Society is: “To the glory of God in the doing of his will”. Since it’s inception, it has had three principle aims, namely to increase the number of those who give their lives to God’s service, especially by training and supporting those who would not otherwise have the opportunity;  to help people to grow in their Christian faith and commitment; and to support and encourage theological study and reflection. Today, we might describe these aims in terms of promoting vocation, nurturing spirituality and encouraging theological learning.


Professed members of the Society are men and women who dedicate their lives to the service of God and who make a commitment to live under the conditions of poverty, celibacy and obedience. They may undertake various forms of work either directly for the Society based at their Priories or within Parishes supported by them. Today there are currently four remaining professed members of SSM in the UK.